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Welcome to Broken Tail Taxidermy!  Located in the Golden Heart City of Fairbanks, Alaska, my taxidermy studio caters to Alaskan wildlife including moose, caribou, bear, muskox, wolverine, grouse, sea ducks, and etc. with an emphasis on sheep/goat species.  My artistic design, quality and customer service will provide you a personal work of art you can be proud of. This is test text

My dedication and passion for taxidermy is reflected in every piece that is completed in my studio.  My passion for taxidermy was fostered by a family-orientated hunting culture in North Dakota where I was born and raised.  My interest in wildlife and taxidermy started at a very early age, which led to a 3rd grade science project of a mounted squirrel.  The only guidance I had was an old taxidermy book checked out from the local library!  The squirrel ended up winning first place at the science fair; however, I think everyone got a blue ribbon in the 3rd grade.  That project started the trajectory and passion for the art of taxidermy that I exhibit today.  I continue to hone my skills by making time for continued education in the taxidermy industry by attending seminars and seeking out one-on-one workshops to refine specific aspects of the art.  Aside from my taxidermy achievements, I have worked as a professional wildlife biologist for 20 years and earned a PhD degree studying moose ecology.  Field biology has provided an environment for studying wildlife in-depth, translating itself to accurate details in my finished works of art. 

Including family into the art is a priority, whether it be my 4 year-old daughter “helping” in the shop or your children sharing the memories of their first hunt.  I look forward to providing you the service you deserve while artistically preserving memories for you and your family.  Please contact me with any questions you may have about service or field care tips before your hunt. 

Thank you for your support.

Eric J. Wald



Legal Statement:  Broken Tail Taxidermy accepts NO responsibility for the legality of the harvest of the specimen(s) brought in for services.  All licenses, tags, and identification must be presented at the time of check-in.  A signed affidavit affirming the legality of the specimen, in compliance with state and federal laws, will be signed by the owner upon drop off.

Disclaimer Statement:  All taxidermy work is accepted at the risk of the owner of the specimens.  Due to factors beyond the taxidermist’s control, such as field care and animal health, all tanning is done at the owner’s risk.  All tanning and work is at the discretion of Broken Tail Taxidermy since the condition of the specimen is not known until work is started or completed, all services are at the customer’s own risk.  Broken Tail Taxidermy, its owners or employees, will NOT be held responsible for loss or damage of specimens or other items resulting from: theft, fire, vandalism, flood, third party loss or damage, or other circumstance or act of God that is beyond control.

Payment Statement:  A deposit (up to 50%) is required prior to commencement of work.  Cash, money order and credit cards (Visa/MasterCard) are accepted for payment.  A 3.5% service charge will be added for using credit cards.  Payment of balance is due within 15 days of notified completion.  No work will be released from the studio until the balance is paid in full.  A $10 per day storage charge will be applied to the remaining balance if not picked up or delivery/shipping arrangements are not made within 30 days of notification.  If trophies are not shipped/picked up or other agreed upon arrangements are not made within 60 days after completion, the mount will be forfeited by the customer at the taxidermist’s discretion.  Any canceled order will result in loss of deposit.

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